How to Advertise

Advelli is working to create a dynamic/creative environment for sports

We can also put your creative business chops to good use

Put Simply

  • Have a legitimate business with a valid zip code
  • Have a pitch video
  • Submit the video with a brief description of your business and contact inforation to
  • Pay a monthly advertising fee.
  • Base Rate $24 (10 seconds)
  • Additional cost based on longer duration, additional number of submissions,..etc
  • Your video could play from a Random grab of all Advelli Adverts in any published sport
  • Our goal is to make the internet fun and keep the spirit of creativity alive
  • Make a catchy advert and people could notice
  • Below is an example of what a spectator could see

Advelli LLC acts in good faith and makes no assertations as to the effectiveness of the advertising or products provided