• Notice: Advelli is in an initial POC/MVP phase. Some videos are sourced from the Internet archive ( https://archive.org/ ) sourced in good faith. If you are the copyright owner of these videos please let us know and we will pull them down.

  • What is Advelli?

  • Imagine a world where any person can create and play in any sport they choose.
  • That's Advelli
  • As long as the sport is legal/non ponographic, the participants are aware and ok and the action is in good faith with all of the players, It and you are welcome here.

  • How Does it Work?

  • 1. Take Any Video, select a sport type and upload it.

  • 2. Edit Video in our video editor. Note "This is in Beta"
  • Select a Cover Photo.
    Enter your Teams/Players.
    Create Player Intro Segments and assign them to Teams/Players.
    Create Gametime Segements and assign points to Teams/Players at times.
    Arrange and build your game any way you see fit, and as many times you see fit.

  • 3. Publish or Unpublish your video at any time.

  • That's It!

  • What's Next?

  • Maybe Referee Game Brackets
  • Maybe a 3D emmersive AI experience based on the data from your game?!?!?!